1. #SUPERCHIEF + #EDDYMAMI 😍 downtown NYC in downtown LA..come see us!

    If you’re a lost angel in Los Angeles it’s Just past Skid Row, 739 Kohler off 7th

    The gallery is open until 5pm today
    MASSIVE rager Saturday night & a BBQ on Sunday


  2. If you’re in LA don’t miss this! Grand opening is today!! It will be up through the end of July… fucking epic


  3. Studio, pieces in progress

  4. "…Yet there was something intimate and magical about it, too. The visitors I saw made up one of the most diverse and friendly art crowds I’ve seen in a long time (maybe ever). There was an energy and an excitement that seemed to draw strangers together."

    Thank you Hyperallergic & Jillian Steinhauer for a beautiful piece & for being part of it!

    Read more:


  5. Thank you! <3

  6. Ophelia’s, Emmanuelle’s, Athena’s & Lolita’s


  7. These streets are cold, especially the ones paved in gold ✨💔🔫

    (Source: nomiruiz)

  8. Works in progress 2014

    Brrrrrrrrr, Eddy

  9. "Di Young" 2013 

    Also known as “Ladyboy Di”. My drag tribute in a diadem

    Recently featured with Superchief at Select Fair Miami Art Basel


  10. Eddy Segal, SWEET+LOW, Elise Gallant for PURPLE diary


    Photo by Elise Gallant

    Hair by Elizabeth Eldon Mergler at Julien Farel Salon 

    (I adore everything & everyone involved…thank you!)

  11. It’s tomorrow…be still my heart my heart my heart

  12. you are cordially invited

  13. It’s nearly 5 a.m. I consider calling it a night, wouldn’t it be great if I put the paintbrush down before pushing into the messy desperate morning hours? Between 5 and noon is when I tend to panic..when exhaustion mixes with perfectionism and I fix fix fix fix fix until there’s nothing left to paint, it’s ruined. My phone buzzes, a client waiting outside. I take care of her & watch from behind the gate as she scurries into the waiting cab when I see you standing there. I catch my breath, what the fuck are you doing here? I’m happy to see you but how do you even know where my studio is? I didn’t even know you were back in New York. I let you in. I jokingly ask if you’re still doing porn, which duh you are, but you cut me off. It’s serious. I’ve NEVER seen you serious. You’re in the middle of telling me that you’ve been lying for 5 years, that you’re in love like really IN love when you pause “I’ve never seen you paint…I had no idea.” “Have you like never noticed all paintings in my apartment..”“NO but I’ve never seen you PAINT” I don’t know if I still love you even though duh, I will always love you-the first boy to let me tattoo my name into his ankle-but my boyfriend is waiting for me in my apartment and I know I am not going to sleep with you. Not this time. Even though we’ve always fucked like pornstars (long before you turned pro I love you). The tattoo is faded. You ask if I will go over it again, then and there. I decline. I offer to paint you instead. It’s 11 a.m. when we leave. We make plans to see each other soon, plans we both know we won’t keep.

  14. nomiruiz:

    Life Or C.R.E.A.M.

    your gold chain blew me away

    you wore your ball cap to the side

    you rolled up oh so discreet

    and lured me up into your ride

    wouldn’t look directly at me 

    but I knew you were mesmerized

    just by the way you placed a twenty

    seductively on my thighs

    your goatee drove me insane

    your pinky ring shined in the night22on your dash board the virgin mary

    telling me what’s wrong and right

    B.I.G. blasting real loud 

    and all I heard past every ryhme

    you telling me you’re a newbie

    and you wanna feel what it’s like

    and someday I hope we’ll be much more

    just meet me right here every night

    and someway I’ll give this up for sure

    if not for you no need for life or c.r.e.a.m.

    you no need for life

    on day three you’re right on time 

    and ya let go some of your pride

    as we got high you drove on by

    your old hood the low east side

    you pull up to the corner store

    and sell a two pound to your tribe

    since ten years old you’re a hustler

    I can tell looking in your eyes

    no cocaine no drug of mine

    can emulate when you’re around

    I won’t give up I’m right on top

    the number one pusher in this town

    by now you crave what I can serve 

    there’s no turning back there now

    if your wife and child could see you now

    more sweet when dipped in foul

    and someday I hope we’ll be much more

    just meet me right here every night

    and someway I’ll give this up for sure

    if not for you no need for life or c.r.e.a.m.

    you no need for life

    (Ill Bill)

    I sell drugs you sell sex

    a business man and a business woman 

    doing what we gotta go for the rent

    for the c.r.e.a.m. the american dream

    Clinton wanted blow jobs

    and George W was a fiend

    I drive a black Benz with rims the size of the sun

    diamonds on my neck sparkle in the eyes of my son

    fuck feeling guilty

    if drug dealing filthy then I’ll grind

    till I’m rich enough to walk into a realty

    with a down payment for a ticket out the projects

    one more strike and imma spend my life a convict

    stressed out baby you relax me like heroin

    case right here after that shootout in Maryland

    shoulda went home word I shoulda drove right past

    can’t lie though I respect your gangsta

    I’m a hoe too

    hoe for cars hoe for bread hoe for guns and ice i’m a hoe for head

    cash rules everything around me 

    cash rules everything around me


  15. Got off of work around midnight, I was already near Chinatown so I poured myself enough whiskey for 3 men and downed it, stumbled over to my studio. My landlord was in there, tucking in his turtles. He made some comment about how many works in progress I have (like I need reminding) and bid me goodnight. Imagine my surprise when he came back this morning and informed me it was noon. I had painted 12 hours straight. If the day ever comes when I hire help the very first job will be somebody whose sole responsibility is to pull the fucking paintbrush out of my hand

    Oh yeah my show opens in less than a month (!!!)